The aim of our project is to use smartphone images and artificial intelligence (AI) to record and differentiate vine leaf diseases. The analysis of the app/AI should help the winegrowers in the future getting a quick and precise analysis of the pest based on the image data, to prevent the large-scale spread of the infestation through measures initiated at an early stage and thus to reduce the large-scale use of pesticides and at the same time the quality and quantity to control and increase the yield of the grapes.

How does it work? Our Vine Leaf Disease Detection App/AI is installed on a smartphone. The user takes a picture of a diseased vine leaf and the app gives immediate feedback which leaf disease it is. The app also sends data such as the type of illness, location and time stamp of the recording to our server. With the help of this data, local spreads of leaf diseases can be detected at an early stage and made available to winegrowers as a map via the app. With the help of the app, they are "warned" at an early stage if there is an increased pest infestation in the region and can take appropriate protective measures to prevent large-scale spread and reduce the use of pesticides. At the same time, the user receives an overview of the number and type of diseases occurring regionally and nationally in the current month, the previous month and this and last year.

By using our app/AI, pest infestation in the vineyards can be reduced and the harvest increased. In addition, the use of pesticides can be reduced and our nature and environment can be protected in the long term.

The goal is a generous use of the app by both hobby and commercial winegrowers, because the more data is made available to the app, the more accurate and early the "recognition system" will be.